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Date: 12-12-2016

FDA Quality Award

The award that define “Standard quality, virtue and morality”. The company received FDA. Quality award in 2010 and 2011, two consecutive years.

and 2011, two consecutive years. The beginning of FDA Quality award Food and Drug A dministration (FDA) is an important agency in protecting the safety of consumers about health product such as food, drug, cosmetic, medical device, hazardous material used in home and community health. FDA Regulate every step of process, both before and after the market to provide consumers safe health products with quality standard. They use various measures together; one of these is supporting small and large entrepreneurship to develop their production place to go with the required standard by law. The product must be quality, safety to consumer without contaminant. The label must have complete information. The advertisement must give the true information. And, the company must take responsibility to society and right virtue in business

FDA Has provided encouraging morality in healthy production program since 2009. They award FAD. Quality Award to entrepreneurship that run the business with morality in production and produce safety and standard health products. It is to honor and encourage to quality entrepreneurship and to urge entrepreneur to produce healthy product with the standard and safety for consumer continuously and regularly. Including, being a good model for other businesses. The awards were given to company in 2009 for 22 companies and in 2011 it was extended to 36 companies in order to increase a chance to get the award. It is an intensive to keep goodness.

Criteria for selection the company which proposed to be awarded FDA. Quality Award 2011

  1. Produce quality healthy product to sell in domestic. If produce to export, the company must also sell in domestic for a period of at least 5 consecutive years.
  2. Always keep the quality of production and bring the quality system to develop or control the production to obtain good quality product to market.
  3. The company must has never been prosecuted, fined or warned by the law of FDA. after a period of 2 years (since the start of the application).
  4. The company must have the response to consumer system (Customer Relations)
  5. The company must have a responsibility to society, the activities that show the responsibility to society such as giving knowledge to consumer, take care of environment, support moral, cultural, environmental and social activities etc.

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